I would face this phenomenon bravely! I do not want to show off as a hero, but more than once I admonished a paranormal phenomenon to disappear and to follow the principles of Science. I will only mention one case that almost cost me my life. I worked at the Brookhaven National Laboratory in NY (My specialty is particle physics). One afternoon I stayed working late. Towards midnight I left the laboratory to urinate. Apparently there was no one else on my floor. While I was walking down the long corridor plunged into my thoughts, I raised my head and stopped suddenly when I saw a … (It’s hard for me to write it because I do not believe or ever believe in it) a ghost. I know he was a ghost because he was semi transparent, and he lacked feet, which nevertheless did not stop him from moving back and forth, right and left and even up and down. My mind is too rational to admit what I was seeing, so I ignored it and resumed the march. Then the ghost began to move to all sides as if he danced. I kindly asked him to let me pass because I had the urgent need to go to the restroom. But when I saw that he did not pay any attention to me, I became infuriated and began shouting at him with all my might to get out of my way and to get out of the way of Science since he was a non-existent creature, probably the fruit of my feverish mind because of excessive work. That visibly bothered him: he began to grumble and to separate his head from his body again and again. I promised myself not to spend so many hours in the lab, and began to move towards him as if the hallway was clear. But when I reached him I received a strong push that made me fall on my back. Despite the pain and considering the ridiculous and impossible of the situation, I began to laugh hysterically. The phantom imitated me and we stayed like that, laughing the two of us for about five minutes. Until I got tired and I told him the sad truth for him: that he did not exist! As he started to laugh even louder, I jumped up, grabbed a fire extinguisher and threw it at his head, which was still floating on his body. But the object bounced and hit me so hard that I lost consciousness. In the morning, the concierge found me lying in the middle of the corridor and revived me with blows. I told him that I had tripped over the extinguisher and did not discuss the incident with anyone. Not even with myself because, after all, what can not be can not be and it is also impossible.

A donation for needy children in exchange for this story? Click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!


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