I described in detail my encounter with the bigfoot to a couple of widowed gentlemen (I suppose they were widowed because they wore black) who kindly came to my house after reading in QUORA about the event in question. They were surprised to learn that my encounter with the bigfoot was just one of the many problems related to strange creatures that I have to face every day. I explained that almost every night I am visited by succubi who eat the carpet. And more from time to time, by aliens who suck me from their flying saucer by means of a straw of light. They were very interested in this last point and wanted to know if the aliens had implanted a chip in my brain or performed anatomical experiments with me. When I explained the horrible truth (that what they did was to submit me to a stilysh haircut), they said goodbye very kindly and left hastily muttering something about “lost time” and “nutty”. I chased them a long way because I had not finished my explanation (I had not told them about the nights when the succubi and the aliens visits coincide). But they proved to be in full physical form because they ran like a bat out of hell.

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