I consider that Science is quite superb when trying to explain everything. Because the fact is that IT CAN NOT. For example: Can Science explain why, if I throw an apple into the air, it falls back instead of continuing to ascend indefinitely? Hey? What do you say to this, Harvard professors? I see that you have run out of words and it does not surprise me. In my opinion, Science should be a little more humble and recognize that it has no answers for everything. To give other examples: Why are the aliens so fond of hairdressing? Why do succubi eat carpets? Why do not the gtfdrps exist? What prevents it? Why is the Earth round? And why are tennis balls also round? Are they imitating the Earth? With what permission? … They are unsolvable questions from a scientific approach. Before them, the scientist should bow his head and humbly recognize, like Socrates, that “I only know that I do not know anything.” On the other hand, spiritualists should also be a little more sympathetic to scientists and think that Science serves them as an escape valve to an Universe too mysterious.

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