Ha, ha, ha, it’s as if you ask a milkshake if there are milkshake drinkers. Of course they exist! I have been abducted 13 times without counting other frustrated attempts (once I cheated on them by pretending to be a refrigerator, ha, ha, ha, I’m very proud of that). I explain to you how it works: You are so quiet watching TV or sitting in the park. Suddenly, plop, a powerful beam of light illuminates you, as if you were on a stage under a spotlight. And you go up at great speed. It’s them, the aliens, who from their damn flying saucer sip you like with a straw. They sip and sip until you fall inside the flying saucer, where, if you are bald, you have an implant of hair and, if you are not, they make you a bizarre hairstyle and they dye it blue, but a blue iridescent, an unknown blue here in the Earth. Then they laugh at your appearance.

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