Make way for Science! This is a question for Science, not for Religion or Mysticism or for ancient or modern sages who believe in non-existent things such as the Soul, the Spirit, God …! Why does not God exist? Because it does not appear in the Catalog of the existing produced by Science! Do you have any idea of ​​the number of years that it has taken scientists to develop this catalog? Because we have not made it by “eeny meeny mainy moe”, no. Each item in that catalog has been demonstrated at least a thousand times! Electricity for example. How many times has the existence of electricity been demonstrated? Countless times! Because electricity is a thing that can be proven! You can light a bulb through electricity. But can you light a bulb through the soul? ¡The soul, the soul, the whole world speaks of the soul! But has anyone demonstrated the existence of the soul ?! And do not come with philosophical demonstrations. Science requires tangible demonstrations: show me a soul, that I can see its color, its smell, its texture! Light a bulb with my soul! Or propel a rocket with my soul! Something that I can see, that I can smell, that I can chew! Is the soul edible? The electron is not exactly a delicacy, but it has mass, therefore it is edible! Nyam, nyam, nyam! You can eat an electron: here’s why it appears in the Catalog! In conclusion: existence must be scientifically proven. That which can not be scientifically proven has no existence. And existence is a fundamental quality to determine if a thing exists or does not exist. Is it clear?!

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