You offend me, ma’am! I am a prestigious scientist. And not only the aliens have allowed me to see them but they have dyed my hair a fluorescent blue color and they have left me bangs! And then they started laughing while they pointed me out, which for a reputable scientist is an intolerable humiliation. This has happened to me dozens of times (Is for this that I pay my taxes?!), and on one of these occasions, Miss Bolkovich, my laboratory assistant, was abducted with me. She was also subjected to a horrendous haircut and the same striking dyeing. Back in the lab, she consented to me taking a photo as proof of the outrage received. Here I attach that photo with the hope that the competent authorities will take measures to stop these attacks on good taste.


A small donation for needy children in exchange for this story? Click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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