Because of levitation, we lost our uncle Noah a year ago. It is not that he died but that he ascended to heaven like the prophet Elijah if the comparison is allowed. As usual, the family was gathered around the shabbat table at my sister Greta’s house. Levitation is a common phenomenon on such occasions, I do not know why. Rabbi Weizman states that it is due to the combination of the extraordinary saintliness of the members of our family. My cousin David thinks differently: according to him, the cause is the secret combination of spices that Greta uses for the cholent. The fact is that a year ago, on that sacred day, the window of the room was left open. We were all so engrossed in a heated discussion about the dietary benefits of reading the Mishna that we did not realize that old Noah had fallen asleep and had begun to levitate. When we realized, it was too late: uncle Noah was coming out the window. We all rushed to his aid, but when we reached the window, uncle Noah was already floating in the air, still asleep, and despite our screams, cries and gnashing of teeth we could not prevent him from slowly ascending towards the sky until we lost sight of him.

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