Weird things. Once I pretended to unmask a famous clairvoyant. I went to his office and, after scrutinizing his crystal ball, he informed me that he saw a camel reading “The Capital” by Karl Marx. I could not help but laugh and told him to look better, that it would probably be a hunchback. But he insisted that the hump was that of a camel. Then I resumed the laughter and exclaimed that it would be a communist camel. The man was very indignant and threw me out of his office. He thought I was making fun of him, which was absolutely true. I and my colleagues at Brookhaven National Laboratory spent a whole day cracking up at the expense of the clairvoyant’s vision. That reaffirmed me in my conviction that clairvoyance was a pure hoax. But the next Sunday I went to work overtime, and at the gates of my lab I found a camel with his head down, apparently reading an open book lying on the floor. You will understand my perplexity. I picked up the book with trembling hands and looked at the cover: it was not “The Capital” but the “Communist Manifesto”! So after all, the clairvoyant had been wrong. I let out a deep sigh of relief and surreptitiously pulled the camel out the back door of the building. But on the way to the Zoo, people took pictures of me (Fortunately I had taken the precaution of disguising my face so that it would be unrecognizable). It was when the news and social networks jokingly commented on the eccentricity of some New Yorkers when it comes to choosing their pets.

A donation for needy children in exchange for this story? Click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!


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