October 1885. A man named Persky is arrested by the police for standing on his head in front of the Scotland Yard offices. Only a few hours later, an overweight and respectable banker from the City is found frantically trying to stand on his head before Weistminster Parliament. Almost at the same time, another exemplary citizen is arrested for standing on his head facing towards number 10 Downing Street. The three of them excuse themselves saying that suddenly they felt an unstoppable need to stand on his head in front of official buildings. The government organizes a Crisis Cabinet in the course of which the minister of finances stands on is head without asking for permission. Then, at the request of the prime minister, comes into play the Society for Psychic Research (SPR). Sir Oliver Lodge interrogates witnesses and concludes that all the arrested acted under the effect of hypnosis. The next day all the newspapers have on the cover the sketch of a man in a turban to whom is attributed this wave of stupidity that terrifies the city. Citizen collaboration is pursued…, or that someone does something. In the meantime, men standing on his head continue to proliferate in the courts, in tax offices, in the Foreign Office, in military headquarters, and even in Buckingham palace. The situation is desperate, the country is on the verge of collapse. Suddenly, a stroke of luck: a man in a turban has been seen in Picadilly Circus. There come the members of the SPR ready to give everything for the mother country. Edmund Gurney, who has studied hypnosis by correspondence, is in charge of facing the terrorist. There is an intense duel of looks… and Mr. Gurney ends up standing on his head. Then Mrs Sidgwick comes forward and at the precise moment pulls out a small mirror that she places in front of the eyes of the hypnotist, who falls victim to his own power. Standing on his head, he is taken to Scotland Yard, where he is put away.

A donation for needy children in exchange for this story? Click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!


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