In the living room of the “Society for Psychical Research”, Mr. Henry Sidgwick was reading “The Times” by the fireplace. Sitting in front of him, Sir Martin Osborne had started nodding during the reading of a chemistry book. “Good heavens!” suddenly Sidgwick exclaimed, causing his friend to wake up and the book to fall to the ground. “What happen?”, inquired the eminent chemist. His companion read aloud an article about a macabre event occurred last night in Highgate Cemetery. A pair of body snatchers had unearthed a coffin from which a vampire had emerged. Osborne let out a loud laugh. He did not believe in vampires nor body snatchers nor coffins nor cemeteries. He only believed in organic chemistry. He got up, picked up his book, his cane, and said goodbye.

Arriving at his house in North London, he was still thinking about that bizarre story his friend had told him. “It seems incredible that there are such credible people,” he said to himself and giggled. At that moment he heard a noise in the brush. “Bah”, he told himself, “It must be the vampire escaped from the grave” and laughed even louder. Suddenly, an individual all dressed in black with a long cape and long incisors emerged from the brush. “Look, the vampire!” humorously the chemist said pointing at the man in black with his arm stretched out and approaching him until he sticked his finger in the eye. The vampire cried out in pain. “You don’t exist!” the chemist blurted out. “And I’m going to prove it to you”. And saying this, he raised his cane and began to inflict him such blows that, to dodge them, the vampire climbed up a tree. “Wow”, he grumbled, “I had to run into an unbeliever.” “What are you muttering? Non-existent beings do not mutter, scoundrel!”, the chemist blurted out. “And a dangerous one, to be precise!”, added the vampire, “How lucky I am”. Then an unexpected event occurred: suddenly the vampire turned into a bat, lift off and, stumbling, fly away in the direction of the Highgate cemetery.

“Coward”, said Osborne, and opened the door of his house.

A donation for needy children in exchange for this story? Click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!


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