One of the cases of “blind vision” best documented in the SPR archives, is that of Reverend Ted Stratton from Birmingham. It was the first time that Dr. Lodge had heard about this kind of paranormal phenomenon and wanted to go and meet him personally. The first thing that caught the attention of Dr. Lodge is that Stratton was all full of bruises and had an arm in a sling. Upon learning of Dr. Lodge’ status as a prominent member of the Society for Psychical Research, the Reverend offered to give him a practical demonstration of his psychic abilities. To start, he asked Lodge to write a word on a piece of paper and then he put the paper under his armpit. Presumably, the Reverend hoped to “read” with his armpit what Lodge had written… but then claimed that he did not understand doctors’ handwriting. Then he told his guest to get ready to go out and asked him to bandage his eyes “tightly”. Lodge prepared to guide him by taking his arm, but Stratton begged him not to intervene in any case and to always be a few steps behind him. Lodge did so and, while walking through the streets of Birmingham, was amazed at the amount of thumps that is able to receive a person without being completely KO. In his report, Lodge affirms admiringly that he does not believe that Stratton left a single tree or a single telegraph pole or a single lamppost in which he had not crashed. Proud of his feat, the “seer” admitted that he knew the area like the back of his hand. The next experiment took place on top of a cliff. Still blindfolded, Stratton stood fifty meters from the edge and, before the doctor could stop him, he began to run wildly towards the cliff, passing it widely and crashing against the rocks below. Stratton said he had missed only an inch to stop right on the edge. At Dr. Lodge’s request, the Reverend terminated his demonstration and allowed the blindfold to be removed. Even so, on returning to his house he crashed again with all the trees and poles of the town without leaving one, which to Dr. Lodge seemed a fact of a clearly paranormal nature.

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