My dear, a ghost is a lonely being by nature. You will never see a ghost accompanied by another ghost. In fact you will never see a ghost: at least that is the most likely. And the most advisable, I assure you. A ghost is not a pretty thing to see. And I’m not speaking from hearsay! Yes indeed, my dear, I have seen a ghost. In the typical haunted house, you know: those isolated houses on the top of a hill that seem to be built expressly to be inhabited by a ghost. How did I end up there? You will see. I was on my way to Sausalito to attend a cocktail party. But while I combed my hair looking in the rear mirror, my yellow Bentley decided to veer off the highway into a dirt road. I was hoping to find some place where I could manoeuvre to get back on the highway, but the road was so narrow that I had no choice but to follow it until the end. The end turned out to be a lugubrious house with a gabled-roofed tower embedded in the middle. “My god, what a bad taste!” I thought, “If Mies van der Rohe resuscitated and saw this, he would die instantly. If only they had thought of painting it yellow!” I was about to go back the way I had come when suddenly I had the idea that maybe following forward the same road that had brought me there and that descended on the other side of the hill I would get to Sausalito sooner. I had nothing to lose by asking, so I got out of the car, climbed the steps and rang the bell. Immediately the ghost came to open. The poor man was scared when he saw me. “Don’t be afraid”, I reassure him. And I explained that I just wanted to ask the direction to Sausalito. But the poor man did not seem able to indicate me any direction at all, not even up or down, right or left. I tried to break the ice by telling him about the latest trends in clothing. I dropped that hint because he was quite a spectacle! With all those chains! You tell me, what kind of clothing accessory are chains? Pointing to them I told him: “Wouldn’t you prefer jewelry, a bow tie, a hat, a wristwatch or something like that?”. Not to mention that horrible white sheet that hung over him as if it had fallen on him when he passed under the clothes hanging from the attic. But after all, he was dressed to match the house. By the way I suggested to him the convenience of painting the house yellow. “Yellow combines with everything, you know? You can not imagine how things improve when they are painted yellow” I said. But there was no way to get him out of his daze. Perhaps he was ashamed of his quirky looks, seeing me so elegant with my tailored jacket suit. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was that. The fact is that there was no way to get a word out of him. This is very common in ghosts: they are so used to loneliness that they feel uncomfortable before people. Especially before elegant and stylish people. There was the poor guy on the threshold of his gloomy house looking at me as if he was seeing a being arrived from another planet. I finally understood that it was a waste of time. So I said goodbye, got into the car, and went back the way I had come. Through the side mirror I saw him slowly closing the door. I told myself that perhaps I was the first living being he had seen in many years. The first one painted yellow from top to bottom, at least! Poor ghost, I felt pity for him.

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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