George P. Dandish. Maybe you remember the name. It appeared on the front pages of all the newspapers nine years ago. Then it was discovered that he was the first man who had gone to the moon. Before Armstrong, Aldrich and Collins. But his feat had even more merit because he went to the moon without a rocket or anything. Freehand, so to speak. I know it’s hard to believe. In fact the next day the news was denied, that is why it has fallen into oblivion. But I think that, in this forum dedicated to the paranormal, it deserves at least a review.

Have you heard of astral travel? The soul temporarily abandons the body and goes around to skive off. It is thanks to one of these trips that George P. Dandish arrived to the moon before anyone else. What evidence do we have of it? When the secret archives of NASA were declassified nine years ago, some surprises came to light. Maybe on July 20, 1969, some of you had the chance to watch on TV the astronaut Armstrong’s historic spacewalk on the moon’s surface. Well, it seems that a piece of that film slipped away. According to the document exhumed by mistake among the rest of the declassified material, there was a piece of film that was cut and destroyed. Why? What was it that appeared in that fragment that wanted to be eliminated? You guessed it: George P. Dandish shaking Armstrong’s gloved hand with his bare hand (in fact, the document emphasizes that he was walking round in his underwear). It seems that at first Armstrong took him for a moon dweller. But after a brief talk with him, Armstrong discovered that he was just a Brooklyn bookie taking a walk. Imagine the surprise of the astronaut, who seems that during the strange episode suffered a slight faint. Of course that could not transcend: the Russians would have laughed at the expense of the enormous human and economic efforts of the Americans to put a man on the moon. Apparently, Dandish had simply fallen asleep during the broadcast of the historic event. And, as it used to happen to him in these cases, his astral self left behind his physical body. But instead of taking a walk through Prospect park to surprise couples kissing as he used to do on such occasions (and no doubt influenced by the extraordinary event he had been watching on TV), he was off like a shot to the moon, where he arrived before Apollo 11.

After the initial perplexity, the people in charge of the NASA project ordered the astronauts to do whatever it takes to get rid of the intruder. But he decided to return to his body on his own initiative, which he did in the twinkling of an eye. Just in time to watch on TV the historic moment when Arsmstrong pronounced that famous phrase: “The Eagle has landed. That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”.

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