Much has been said about the Yeti since the photo of a strange creature came to light in 1927. This photo shows a living being very similar in everything to a man except in its fondness to wander through the snowy mountains of the Himalayas without any clothes on. The locals claim to have seen him swinging on a rocking chair while humming a fashionable song. Such a statement has been questioned by National Geographic based on the evidence provided by one of its affiliates, although such evidence thawed instantly. Professor Min Gao, from the Central University of Beijing, argues that the probability of the existence of such a creature is one in two. However, the sightings do not stop happening. A Tibetan woman claims to have seen the Yeti at the market in the city of Nagqu buying some donuts typical of the region. Another witness who lives near a railroad speaks of “strange beeps at night”. In the West it is speculated on with the possibility that the Yeti is not more than a meteorological balloon, although that would not explain the strange traces of footsteps found in the snow. Such footsteps would correspond to a creature three meters tall and five feet wide with a populous mustache and prominent chin. However, cryptozoologists remain skeptical and prefer to wait for the Hague Human Rights Tribunal to rule. Meanwhile, new news of sightings appear every day, although the news of non-sightings abounds more. Professor Karl Haidegger wonders what kind of reliability such testimonies have when they all come from the same individual, a compulsive liar named G. H., who admits having disguised himself as a Yeti and then having put himself in the role of witness. It has also been speculated that YETI is just the acronym of “Young Experts Teaching Ignorance” or the name of a fast food restaurant. Or maybe a marmot.

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