Seemingly, Donald Dandish (aka Dandish The Scoundrel, aka Mole Don, aka Abe Sogrevevitch, aka Aka) was a determined activist in favor of ecumenism, since, even being of Jewish religion, for a month he had not stopped going regularly to the Church of Saint Mark, of Catholic confession. Only the Shabbat stopped attending the church to make an appearance in the synagogue. Every other day he attended the church with an unusual regularity: fifteen or sixteen times a day. 

He always occupied the same place, at the end of a side bench near the wall. He spent an hour there kneeling and with his head bowed, as if doing penance, then he got up, went out into the street, took a breath of fresh air and rushed back inside the Church. His neighbors considered him either a very pious man or someone who fled from justice and did not want to be seen in the streets. But even if that was the case, it was evident that he was deeply repentant. Because not only did he not dare raise his head towards the Highest while kneeling, but at the end of the day, he always left the Church carrying a heavy sand bag, no doubt by way of penance.

Well, it turns out that carved on the wall, just above the place where Mr. Dandish used to kneel, there was an alcove that housed a majestic statue of the Archangel Michael, patron saint of the police, armed with a gigantic sword pointing down. 

Since Mr. Dandish never raised his head, he did not notice the growing interest shown towards him by the Archangel. If he had paid attention, he would have noticed that every day the sword was a little more lifted. The day came when the sword was upright, ready to strike a blow. It was what happened on September 29, just the day dedicated to the Archangel Michael. 

It was dusk. It was time for the church to close. Mr. Dandish got up while carrying on his back the heavy sack of his self-imposed penance. At that precise moment, the armed arm of the Archangel dealt Mr. Dandish a blow with such force that it knocked him down leaving him unconscious.

When the sacristan returned from closing the door of the church, he saw the bundle lying on the ground, hurried and discovered the unconscious body of the pious Dandish. While trying to revive him, he noticed that the tiled floor was loose. He lifted the floor and then, suddenly, the mystery that lately had surrounded the figure of Mr. Dandish was clarified. The sack was full of the dirt extracted that day from the tunnel that Mr. Dandish (aka Dandish The Scoundrel, aka Mole Don, aka Abe Sogrevevitch, aka Aka) had been digging to access a rich landowner’s house adjacent to the sacred building.

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