Another of the psychic abilities used by the secret services that operated during the Cold War, was the folding of spoons from a distance. It is known that the KGB had a whole department composed of more than five hundred psychics spoon benders. There were many Americans who, when preparing to take a spoonful of soup to the mouth, suffered the sudden folding of the spoon, with the consequent spilling of its contents. Determined to counterattack, President Kennedy hired a famous Dutch psychic, who after many unsuccessful attempts, managed to generate chaos during a gala dinner in the Kremlin by causing that the guests failed to introduce the food in the mouth nailing the fork all over the face. That night the guests did not taste a bite and left indignant the dining room without waiting for the desserts and with their faces full of punctures and pieces of food attached. This incident triggered the so-called “Cuban Missile Crisis”.

The experiments with teleportation also had a stellar moment when the KGB psychics managed to teleport President Nixon from the White House oval office to an auction of the Sotheby’s house, where the president was forced, in order to dissimulate his perplexity, to bid for a painting by Salvador Dalí. This moved so much the Surrealist painter that he donated to the White House a giant egg, more than six meters high, to be placed on its top instead of The Stars and Stripes flag. This incident triggered the so-called “Salvador Dalí Crisis”.

Finally, we have to refer to the successful attempt, by psychics in the service of the NATO, to provoke, through telekinesis, the concealment of all the underwear of the members of the KGB, which unleashed a military plot in order to overthrow the Soviet regime. However, the plot was quickly disarticulated and its leaders deported to Siberia, where, in a show of magnanimity of the Kremlin, they were provided with the underwear they needed and whose concealment they had erroneously attributed to the Politburo chaired by Brezhnev, who in anticipation of future attacks ordered the acquisition of two million English cotton underpants. This extraordinary and (in the eyes of the soviet citizens) absurd waste emptied the state’s coffers, which triggered a popular revolt known as the “Underpants Crisis”.

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