Someone asks me why the eight is such a paranormal number. The answer is simple but transcendent. The 8 is the symbol of infinity only that standing up in order to pass unnoticed. We all know that standing up is the best tactic when you want to infiltrate somewhere. Eight is a supernatural number camouflaged in the universe of natural numbers (colloquially called “cardinal numbers” or “ordinal numbers”). This paranormal essence of number 8 is the reason why so many mathematical operations where the 8 intervene give such crazy results. That is why mathematicians tend to avoid this number as far as possible, either by taking a detour or by vaulting over it by means of a pole. The latter, of course, implies obvious risks. The famous mathematician Martin Trollope broke his neck trying to vault 8 in this way. However, it is not always possible to avoid 8, for example when you try to add four and four. Unless you do not mind making a sucker out of you by claiming that four plus four equals nine with the hope of being able to remove surplus later when you have a chance. But there is always the risk that you have not a chance and then you look like an imbecile. Now, let’s go to Numerology. 

In Numerology, 8 has healing properties provided that its application is not forced but the number arises spontaneously in the course of the operation. On the other hand, there is a danger of overdose as well as addiction. Indeed, the 8 has hallucinogenic properties, as is well known by the Spanish numerologist Garcia-Jordana, who during a Numerology exhibition in the Barcelona’s Athenaeum became delirious about the number of legs a frog has (his calculations pointed to an exorbitant figure) and began to bound and croak like a frog. However, the attending public did not notice the anomaly in the belief that he was just doing frog jumps exercises. They only worried when they saw that he preferred to spend the night in a pond rather than in his own bed.

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