Night falls already when Jacob bursts into the office.

-You know, Michael? A private detective has settled into the office next door. A tough guy with a gunbelt.

-So what?

-That perhaps we should also carry a gunbelt. After all, we are a kind of detectives


-Detectives, consultants, what is the difference? We both solve enigmas.

-I’m afraid solving it’s saying a lot in our case. Anyway, our clients don’t need tough guys, but guys with brains

-And do we have brains, Michael?

-Never ask questions whose answer you wouldn’t like to hear

There is a knock at the door.

-Do I need to remind you every time that opening the door when someone knocks is good for the business?

Jacob rushes to open. A man enters carrying a suitcase.

-Is this where you solve enigmas?

Jacob acts before the client like a tough guy would: “Well, solving, that’s saying a lot! But tell me, man, in what enigma are you involved?” The client turns to Michael: “What’s wrong with your friend? And why does he wear a hood in his head?” Jacob leans toward him in a threatening attitude. “Here we are the ones who ask the questions. You are the one who answers. Where were you last night?” “Last night I was lying on the bed when suddenly a flying saucer stood before my window.” “That’s what I call a good alibi!” declares Jacob. But the man ignores him and continues: “And from the saucer they threw this”. He opens his suitcase and pulls out a teddy bear. “What is this joke?” Michael says. 

-It’s not any joke. 

-Now, Michael, do you see how we should carry a gunbelt? 

-What for? To shoot a harmless teddy bear?

-To shoot pranksters like this!

-It’s no joke, gentlemen. This bear is of extraterrestrial origin.

Michael takes the bear from his hands and examines it attentively. Suddenly he opens his eyes wide in an expression of amazement. “Have you noticed?” the man asks.

-Yes, it seems that … it’s alive!

“Who is alive?” Jacob asks. Then the bear opens its mouth and begins to say unintelligible things. Michael and Jacob stares at it dumbfounded. “Do you understand now what is the enigma that I want you to solve?”. “Solving, that’s saying a lot!” Jacob says while looking at the bear that has start walking around the office talking to himself. Michael gets up and accompanies the man to the door. “Okay, leave everything to us, come back tomorrow at this very time and we’ll have solved the enigma”. Michael and Jacob are left alone. 

-But Michael, this enigma has no solution. It’s an extraterrestrial teddy bear. What solution do you see that?

-What if it was not a teddy bear?

-Well, it doesn’t look like a rubber duck.

-And if it were an alien? After all, we don’t know what the aliens look like.

-That’s what I call a guy with brains! But then we would have to return it to its home. In our world it would feel displaced.

Jacob takes the teddy bear and holds it in his arms: “Poor extraterrestrial, don’t worry. Uncle Jacob and uncle Michael won’t stop until you return with your parents.

-Well, well, well. That’s what I call a tough guy. I would like the detective next door to see you right now.

Suddenly, the entire room lights up with a bluish glow. A flying saucer is parked at the height of the window sill.



The teddy bear jumps from Jacob’s arms and runs towards the ship. Before disappearing inside, it turns to the consultants and says something that sounds like a farewell. Then it enters the flying saucer, which leaves immediately fired at incredible speed and disappears into the starry sky. 

-Well, Jacob, that’s what I call a solved case.

-You see? Solving, that’s not saying a lot!

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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