On the night of March 21, 1938, two metallic spheres the size of a basketball, dropped from the sky over New York City. One of them traversed the roof of the mayor’s penthouse, landing precisely on his head when he was in the company of other members of freemasonry plotting a conspiracy destined to overthrow himself. The next morning, Michael and Jacob received an urgent call from Mount Sinai Hospital requiring their immediate presence. 

When they entered the room where the mayor was prostrate, a doctor was trying with sledgehammers to reduce a huge bump protruding from his head. Amid his screams of pain, the mayor explained to Michael and Jacob what happened last night and instructed them to go to his penthouse and retrieve the mysterious sphere before the cleaning lady arrived. (This cleaning lady used to throw away any inanimate object of a volume less than two cubic foots.) 

When the two enigma researchers accessed the skyscraper where the mayor’s penthouse was located, the cleaning lady in question had just entered the elevator. Michael and Jacob ran up the stairs. But when they arrived to the top floor, the woman was already gone after having cleaned thoroughly the apartment and got rid of the trash, including the mysterious sphere which by then it must be on its way to the garbage dump. 

The two researchers were then in a compromising situation. But over the radio they learned that there were two spheres fallen from the sky that night. And thanks to their contacts in the town hall, they found out the name and address of Sheldon Rosenberg, in whose garden of Queens had fallen the other sphere.

Mr. Rosenberg received them very kindly, but the same could not be said of the strange metal sphere which stood in their way causing them to stumble continuously. As Mr. Rosenberg explained, the sphere seemed to have a life of its own and apparently it didn’t like them, hence its hostility. On the other hand, it was as gentle as a lamb with him. And just when saying this, the sphere rose and crashed into his face, causing bleeding from his nose. While his wife was rushing to stop the bleeding, the two investigators took the opportunity to seize the sphere and take it to the mayor at the hospital.  

The doctor kept hammering his bump, so the mayor’s mind was not very lucid. However, when he saw the sphere, he revived and asked them whether she was married. Even the doctor was fascinated and put down the hammer to stare at the mysterious sphere. Suddenly it jumped and hit the doctor in the face, causing bleeding from his nose. 

“What does this mean?!”, exclaimed the mayor. 

“It must be that it doesn’t like him”, replied Michael. 

“What an impertinent sphere!”, said the mayor. 

“Don’t provoke it!”, Michael shouted. 

But the warning came too late: the mayor was already bleeding profusely from his nose. Michael and Jacob seized the spherical offender and took a taxi to the harbor, to whose waters they threw the noses-breaker sphere. Then they took another taxi back. But when they got home they realized that the sphere had followed them. They hurried to close the door before it could enter, but it knocked so hard that they feared it would knock the door down, so they let it in. 

For several hours the sphere was slowly rolling around the apartment under the inquisitive gaze of the two investigators. 

“It must be from another planet (Jacob said), the terrestrial spheres don’t behave that way.” 

“Keep your mouth shut! It could be listening to us!”

Jacob laughed at this, and the sphere slammed into his face, causing bleeding from his nose. 

“I warned you!”

Then they realized that the sphere had stopped in the window sill. From a great distance, another sphere came flying at great speed and settled next to the other. And before the astonished gaze of Michael and Jacob, the two identical spheres merged one into the other, as if they were lovers, and then shot upwards, disappearing into the deep sky, from where they had fallen. 

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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