When Jacob Schlemihl and Michael Schlimazl were asked who was the most extraordinary person they had met in the course of their activity as researchers of enigmas, their answer was Nikola Tesla (although Jacob hesitated between him and Santa Claus or maybe Sheldon Appelbaum, his barber). When they met him, Tesla was already seventy years old, but he was still active. He kept patenting new inventions and at that time maintained close contact with beings from other planets. He lived in two adjoining rooms on the 33rd floor of Hotel New Yorker. Tesla himself had hired ENIGMA CONSULTANTS S.L. to investigate whether those little green men who occasionally appeared on his balcony were really extraterrestrials or dwarves painted green, as he had sometimes suspected. (The transmission of knowledge between these little green men and Tesla worked in the opposite direction to that assumed today by conspiracy theorists.) As long as their investigation lasted, Tesla invited Michael and Jacob to reside in one of his two New Yorker suites, hence their first-hand knowledge of the Serbian-American genius. In fact, they had the honor of serving as lab rats in his latest experiments related to the wireless transfer of electricity over long distances. By that time, they came to suffer so many electric shocks that they shone in the dark. That shininess served them, among other things, to gain the trust of the little green men Tesla had commissioned them to investigate. 

Apparently, the planet Mars was inhabited in those years by the most intelligent and technologically advanced beings of our galaxy and it so happened that those advanced beings were luminescent. So the paradox occurred that, for the part of the little green men, Tesla was relegated to the background and Michael and Jacob became the protagonists in their incessant search for technological knowledge. Among other things, these alleged extraterrestrials were taught to sharpen a pencil by means of a pencil sharpener. Michael and Jacob also taught them how to whistle by inserting two fingers into their mouths. Another technological advance that the little green men benefited from was the ability to ride a tricycle without falling on their backs. In exchange for all this advanced technology, Michael and Jacob wanted to know the origin of these special beings. It was then that one of the greatest secrets of our world was revealed to them and, indirectly, to Tesla: The mysterious little green men came from Bennington, Oklahoma, where they were engaged in the manufacture of green paint created by mixing yellow and blue. I reiterate: green color is achieved by mixing yellow and blue. This was the secret that Tesla put in writing and the secret that was confiscated by the CIA and the FBI upon his death.

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