One day Jacob Schlemihl went walking through the Bronx when he witnessed something that for most people would have gone unnoticed, but that a mind used to mysteries could not ignore. A middle-aged woman was flying over the rooftops by the simple procedure of waving her arms. Jacob’s curiosity led him to climb the stairs of one of the tallest buildings in the area, access the roof and from there climb a metal ladder to the top of a water tower. From that privileged position, he was able to follow the flight of the woman and discover her landing place: a rooftop a few blocks away. When he told his partner what he had seen, Michael did not believe him. But at the insistence of Jacob, finally he decided to accompany him to the building where supposedly the flying woman had landed. Before that, however, he took the precaution of calling the City Hall to verify if there had been any human cannonball performance in the area. The answer was no. So Michael had no choice but to accompany his friend. 

Starting from the attic, they went down from floor to floor asking at each door if someone knew how to fly. On the fourth floor, a man said yes, which led to a long interview that ultimately resulted in a total loss of time since the man was a pilot of light aircraft. When they had almost lost hope, they reached the first floor, where the door was opened by a woman whom Jacob recognized as the woman he had seen flying the previous day. Unlike most of the rest of the neighbors, this woman did not slam the door in their faces upon hearing the question. She just made excuses and pled an alibi, which made the two experienced investigators suspect. When a woman is asked if the previous afternoon was flying over the rooftops, she would not plead an alibi unless she actually had been flying over the rooftops. (This is the kind of reasoning that Sherlock Holmes would have done, which shows that the partners of ENIGMA CONSULTANTS were not as stupid as they pretended to be.) 

Aroused in this way their suspicions, Michael and Jacob placed themselves on a nearby roof. Michael was provided with binoculars. After about two hours of surveillance lying on the roof, they saw the woman on the roof of her building. Suddenly she started waving her arms and getting off the ground. Michael followed his flight with the binoculars without being able to believe what he was seeing. So shocked was he that he ignored Jacob when he tapped him on the shoulder, yelled something and ran. Michael stood alone on the roof without taking his eyes off the binoculars until suddenly the woman disappeared from view. Even though he swept the horizon with the binoculars, he could not see her again until he removed the binoculars from his face. Then he saw her perfectly since she was standing right next to him. Michael jumped in surprise and then received such a slap in the face that the binoculars flew away as if they too had the ability to fly.

 When he came around an hour later, he was lying on the sofa in the office with Jacob, who had to promise his friend not to stick his nose in where it’s not wanted.

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