In the year 1937, the “On Leong”, one of the tongs or Chinese secret societies of New York City, declared war on a rival tong, the “Hip Song”, because of a dispute regarding the length of the queue that Chinese men should wear. At that time there lived in Chinatown a reputed Chinese magician named Cao Xing who felt a great affinity for Jewish culture. To the point that he used to walk around Jewish neighborhoods disguised as an orthodox jew with a long false beard, long false payots, long false hair and a long false brain that enabled him to speak and understand Yiddish with the exception of some loose words like fridn, kvetch or mishposheh. Thanks to this good characterization, he had managed to make friends with a Williamsburg rabbi called Weinman. This rabbi instructed him in the Kabbalah and, at the request of Cao Xing (who when disguised as a Jew was called Gershom Alishpensky), taught him the secret procedure for building a Golem with the strength of three hundred men. Well, at the beginning of the fratricidal war between the aforementioned tongs, Cao Xing get down to work and, following the instructions given him by the rabbi, manufactured a Golem for the purpose of promoting the peace in Chinatown by means of punching and kicking and slapping. But as I have said, he did not understand some loose Yiddish words, and one of those loose words turned out to be fundamental for the mental stability of the Golem. So, it did not come off very well. Instead of lashing out at the two tongs at stake, the Golem resolved to introduce Cao Xing in a glass bottle. Terrified, Cao Xing locked himself in his workshop and, disguised as an orthodox Jew, ran to ask for help from his friend Rabbi Weinman. When the rabbi learned that the Golem had gotten that one idea in his mud head, he gave up on his friend Gershom Alishpensky. But it so happened that Jacob was present when Cao Xing, burst in to the synagogue asking for help. And despite his partner’s warnings not to stick his nose in where it was not wanted, Jacob was curious to see the Chinese Golem. So he offered to accompany Cao Xing (who disguised as an orthodox Jew felt safe) back Chinatown, where they found the Golem drinking a bottle of soda. Jacob marveled at that terracotta giant. And he marveled even more when he witnessed how the Chinese Golem reduced Cao Xing, aka Gershom Alishpensky, and stuffed him into the empty bottle. “What an enormous strength! Hopefully that strength could be channeled to do good!” thought Jacob. But then he saw the Golem drinking another bottle of soda, and his survival instinct suggested him the idea of ​​running without stopping to look back. And he had the healthy habit of obeying all the suggestions of his survival instinct.

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