Holderlin walks along the old country road just outside Weimar, the same as always. Also as always, he recites his poems aloud with a profuse display of gesticulation. It is already getting dark and the sublime poet is already heading towards Weimar, back to his house, when suddenly a powerful ray of white light coming from the sky falls on him. Holderlin stops suddenly when he sees himself lighted up in such a way. “Must be the Muses” he says to himself. And raising his head and arms to heaven exclaims: “Oh, Muses, what do you want from me?”. Suddenly the ray of light absorbs him so to speak, and a few seconds later the distinguished German poet is immersed in a futuristic enclosure surrounded by tall and thin beings of humanoid appearance who observe him with curiosity. They wear tight-fitting dresses of a pale blue. So tight that they clearly trace the outline of female breasts. They are completely bald and beardless, but under their noses a fine mustache with the tips upwards (like the one that in our days we associate with Salvador Dalí) stands out. These details, combined with large and elongated eyes characteristics of the female gender, leads us to think that they are hermaphroditic beings, that is, beings that incorporate both genders.

Seeing himself surrounded by such a select and attentive audience that he does not hesitate to identify with the Muses, Holderlin resumes with renewed enthusiasm the recitation of his verses.

Minutes later, the rural road, on which the darkness of the night has already descended, is again torn by the powerful ray of light, which, as it were, “spits” the poet, returning him to the exact spot from which he was snatched. At all times, however, Holderlin has continued reciting and gesticulating with great eloquence. Once deposited unscathed in the middle of the rural road, he directs his declamation to the sky, where he imagines that the “Muses” that snatched him are still watching him from above.

 Suddenly, the ray of light retracts and, on the rural road, everything falls back into darkness. At last, Holderlin gets silent, and watches how a luminous point crosses the starry firmament with lightning speed. On the horizon, the lights of the city of Weimar flicker. 

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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