Johanna Schopenhauer is reading the palm of a woman from the petty bourgeoisie of Weimar.

-You don’t have to worry about your husband, Ingrid. He will be fine. As long as you stop supplying small doses of cyanide with his meals.

– He likes very spicy foods.

-The cyanide is not any spice, Ingrid. It’s a powerful poison.

-Don’t tell me! I thought it was like ginger or nutmeg!

Then Mrs. Tieck bursts into the room; she is very nervous. The petty bourgeoisie says goodbye to Johanna, who focuses her attention on Mrs. Tieck.

-Mrs. Tieck! What happens? You look so nervous…

-There’s not a moment to lose, Johanna. Tieck and Wieland are going to fight duel this evening!

– What makes you think that?

 -He asked me to heat water!

– And that makes you suspect?

-It’s just that every time he is going to duel, he asks me the same thing.

Johanna gets up quickly.

-Then, we’d better hurry up. Where will the duel take place?

-I don’t know. I was confident that you could find out by reading the palm.

-But I would need to read your husband’s palm.

-Why don’t you try with mine?

-Well, at least I could try to find out if there really is cause for concern? Bring me your hand.

Mrs. Tieck reaches out her palm, and Johanna examines it intently.

-The reading is very clear. You will not be widowed soon. In fact, you are going to make a pleasure trip together with your husband very soon.

-Ah, next week is our wedding anniversary! Then, he has remembered it! And where does he plan to travel? London? Prague?

Johanna gets closer and closer to the palm.

-To Jena.

– Jena?! It’s just a few miles up! And how are we going to travel to Jena? In what kind of carriage?

-On foot, with a bundle on your back.

-Twelve miles on foot?! Has he gone crazy?! And that’s what he calls a pleasure trip?!

-Well, you know how the Romantics are. They like to enjoy nature, outdoor life …

– What the hell are we going to do in Jena?! We’ve already been there fifty times!

Johanna brings the face still closer to the palm.

– The pleasure lies in the trip. You will go on foot to Jena and, upon arrival, you will turn around.

– Another twelve miles on foot?! That man has gone crazy! And where are we going to sleep on the road?

The chiromancer sticks his nose to the palm.

-I see a church in ruins … A gloomy place plenty of bats. It’s very romantic… You both will sleep outside, under the starry vault…

-Guess who will see stars when he returns from the duel!

Mrs. Tieck stands up suddenly, unintentionally striking Johanna’s face with her palm.

-Oh, excuse me.

-It’s nothing, I’m used to it.

Mrs. Tieck, in a fury, sets out for the exit accompanied by Johanna.

-And as for the duel, rest assured.

But Mrs. Tieck does not listen to her. She is talking alone:

-A pleasure trip… Two days walking … Sleeping in some damn ruin…

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Johanna Schopenhauer

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