Here in Paris, time goes by at a snail’s pace. We have been stuck for months in the same year and the advances are so slow that we have to wait a whole day for the next day. In the fin-de-siècle Paris, life can become very boring if you are part of the privileged class that does not need to work to live, as is my case. Strolling along Boulevard Saint-Germain, I happened to meet Monsieur Ardenuy, who confirmed that we are still in 1897. How is that possible? In New York they must be already in 1900! The damn Dreyfus affair has delayed us a lot. It will take a lot of effort on the part of the government to catch up. It will be necessary to put the state machinery to work at full speed. And even the government itself would have to be put to work, no matter how much this upsets it. Here the only ones who work are the workers! Good heavens! If they heard me at Madame de Villeparisis’ salon, they would accuse me of being a revolutionary. Even I myself would accuse me of being a revolutionary if I heard me at Madame de Villeparisis’ salon! But nobody here hears me, not even myself. Here I can digress. That’s why I like to stroll through Luxembourg Gardens so much.

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Jardin du Luxembourg

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