Episode 3: “THE HEADACHE”

Today I went back to walk around the Luxembourg Gardens. There was a balloon salesman at the entrance and, without any reason, out of sheer boredom, I acquired one. Have you tried to walk all afternoon holding the vertical string of a helium balloon? I do not recommend it: the hand ends up getting tired. So I had the idea of tying the balloon around the ring finger of my right hand. I thought: this may be a brilliant idea or a totally stupid thing to do; there is no middle ground: it’s either one thing or the other. As much as I thought, I couldn’t make up my mind. Being so distracted, time went by without me noticing. When my mind landed, I noticed that it had got dark. I hurried to the access gate, but it was already closed. What a disaster! I would have to spend the night in the park sleeping on one of those uncomfortable benches made of long wrought iron bars! Then I remembered the balloon. The purchase of that balloon had been providential, as it would serve as a pillow. I chose a bench away from the fence so as not to be seen by the people who came out of the theaters and restaurants at that time. I verified with satisfaction that the balloon was soft and efficiently exercised the function I had entrusted to it. However, in the morning I woke up with a tremendous headache that at first I did not know how to explain. I was even half stunned, as if I had been hit on the head many times with an iron bar. Only later, lying on my bed with an ice pack on my head, did I understand what had happened. The problem was that I have a restless sleep and I change my position many times throughout the night. Every time I changed my position that loathsome night, the balloon ascended and my head banged against the bank’s wrought iron bars. Since the balloon was tied around my finger, I easily recovered my pillow and went back to sleep. But, as soon as I changed position, I was awakened again in the most abrupt way. I don’t know how many times I banged my head against the iron bench. Maybe up to thirty, judging by the weeks I had to stay in bed until my headache was over.

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