Episode 15: “A SECRET SOCIETY”

I’ve been rummaging in the book stalls along the Seine in search of some book about those mysterious travels that Papus referred to the other day. I thought I had found one, but it turned out it had nothing to do with the subject. The title confused me: “Austral travels”. But it made no sense: austral means southern, and I had not always traveled towards the South when I thought I was imagining. I checked it with the compass: the Luxembourg Gardens are Northeast, not southern. I had no choice but to arrange another appointment with this Papus, although I didn’t like him sniffing me. The meeting has taken place this very afternoon at Mme de Villeparisis’ home. Without their knowing it, I had hired an ambulance to remain stationed near the house just in case, but thank goodness it has not been necessary. Papus is not as fierce as he appears. He is forced to pretend so that people do not make fun of his theories. Spiritually, he is much more evolved than most of us. For example, he is convinced that the Earth is round. When he expounds this idea in public, most of his audience imagines being upside down part of the year, and some joker may be tempted to mock him. But who would mock a guy capable of putting his head inside your mouth to find out if you have eaten pickled gherkins? Apart from that, as I understood it, Papus is the co-founder of an order named The Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross, a secret society to which apparently much of the French aristocracy belongs, including Mme de Villeparisis. I have been invited to attend one of their meetings. It is required formal attire but you can leave the physical body at home. It is enough that you bring the astral body.

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