When all the guests had left the castle, we were only my astral self, the Marquis (nicknamed the “Prince of Rosicrucians”), Papus (whose real name was Gérard Encausse, but he did not dare to publish it for fear that his wife discovered that he was involved in esoteric matters and report it to the authorities), and a weird monk plugged in by the Tsar of Russia and named Rasputin of whom we all distrusted, but whom we tolerated because he washed the dishes, swept, ironed the shirts, cooked, darned, and made the beds. (The Marquis had given holidays to all the domestic service in order to be free to dress up as a rabbit without being laughed at.) We kept our secret meetings in one of the towers of the castle in the light of candles. These consisted of the Marquis doing his imitation of a rabbit and the rest of us trying to hold our laughter, except Rasputin who never laughed and considered the imitation of the Marquis “a true masterpiece of idiocy”. The Marquis confessed to us that since he was a child he had always wanted to be a rabbit, but his father wanted him to study and build a future as a bookie. However, he played truant and used to go to the forest to observe the rabbits’ behavior so he could imitate them. Until one day a hunter confused him with a rabbit and gave up on him. However, the hunter’s wife noticed that not only was he still alive but he did not look like the rest of the rabbits, which were naked and didn’t carry with them a slate with sponge and wiper. The family of the hunter took care of him until he was recovered, after which the kid returned to his father’s castle ready to follow his advice and become a bookie. Then he moved to Paris to study Brokerage of bets, but there he became fond of the occult sciences and ended up entering the Rosicrucian Order, rising in a single day from errand boy to Grand Master of the Order.

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