Once the statutes of the new Rosicrucian Order were concluded, I returned to my physical body which, to my surprise, had moved from where I left it a week before. In fact, I found it floating adrift in the Atlantic Ocean near the port of Le Havre. Of course, I stopped in my tracks and refrained from entering it. First, because I did not want to get my dress suit wet. Second, because I can’t swim and, instead, my body seemed to float without difficulty. If I had entered it, surely I would have sunk. I had to rent a rowboat in Le Havre to rescue my body from the water. Only when I had it on board, did I decide to enter it. Naturally, from the beginning I suspected the Verdurins. And, indeed, when I got home, I found the door forced. Surely, they would have seized my body and thrown it into the Seine under the cover of night. Oh, but now I had powerful friends who could help me neutralize the Verdurins! Immediately I got in touch with Papus, who agreed to go personally to Madame Verdurin’s salon that same afternoon to clear the air once and for all. I stayed down in the street, determined never to separate myself again from my physical body (because at this point my ankles had recovered completely and I did not need to rest anymore). While waiting impatiently for the result of my friend’s intercession, I saw Gilberte who was feeding the pigeons. At first she didn’t recognize me and took me for one more pigeon. (I must say with fair indignation that the food that is sold to feed the pigeons is a crap: it tastes like rotten wood.) Then I spoke to her and she put on her glasses, and in an instant our old love bloomed: I tried to embrace her and she knocked me out with a punch.

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