It took Papus and me several days to locate the relatives of the hostess and guests of Mme Verdurin’s salon in order to return them, rejuvenated, to their loved ones. Meanwhile, I tried to worm Papin’s secret out of him: “How did you obtain your powerful magic?” I never get tired of asking. I knew that, with this tactic, he would end up getting tired of hearing me. And indeed, in the end, he gave up and agreed to reveal his secret to me: His magical wisdom came from a book. Precisely at that moment we passed a bookstore and I hurried to ask him the title of the book to acquire it at that very moment. But it turned out that it was not a book that was sold in bookstores. In fact, he was convinced that It was a unique book in the world. “And how did that book end up in your hands?” I wanted to know stung by curiosity. He pointed up and said: “It came from above”. I thought he meant that it was a revealed book, like the “Book of Revelations”, a book revealed to men by an angelical being or by God Himself. But it turned out that he was speaking in a literal sense: He explained that, when he was twenty years old, he was walking through a meadow when suddenly he heard a hissing sound, like that of an object falling at high speed. He looked up and just at that moment the book in question hit his head, knocking him down. He remained unconscious lying in the meadow all night. And when he woke up at dawn, he discovered the book by his side. And although it was written in a language unknown to him, he had no difficulty in understanding it because, in his opinion, the blow had opened his third eye, namely the eye of the Spirit…, apart from closing his left eye due to a big bruise.

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