We did not hear from Rasputin until a few years later, when we learned that some Russian nobles had conspired against him, and although they finally managed to kill him, they had to employ the whole repertoire of murder methods, all of them in a single night. And even so, it seems that when they threw him into the cold waters of the Neva River, he was still alive and his death was caused by freezing. Of the “book fallen from the sky”, we never knew anything else. Probably it has gone back to where it came from. Anyway, when I am under the open sky, I’m always looking up just in case. My physical constitution is not as robust as that of Papus, and I doubt that I survived the impact of such a voluminous book. And as for the rest of things, M. de Charlus has proposed himself to separate me from the tutelage of my Rosicrucian friends and to instruct me in his own wisdom, much more mundane and whose motto could be summarized in the word “Yippee!”. Although one day I trampled his top hat until it was unrecognizable, it seems that he didn’t take the hint. The man doesn’t give up and continues to pull me aside when we meet in a salon, with the aim of lecturing me about how to have as much fun as possible without having your wallet stolen. Anyway, little by little I have been replacing my walks in the Luxembourg Gardens with my strolls around the salons of “Le Tout-Paris”. It’s just as boring, but in the salons you always find something to snack on. As regards my relationship with Gilberte, it keeps getting more intimate. She continues to be aggressive with me but no longer threatens to kill me, and she has even invited me to accompany her, together with her parents, to spend a period in the town spa of Karslbad. I’m looking forward to the moment.

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