Episode 35: “ROUTE GILBERTE”

Yesterday we arrived at Karslbad M. Swann, Mme Swann, their daughter Gilberte and myself. We stayed in the Grandhotel Pupp, in separate rooms, and the first thing we did was to present ourselves to Dr. Hoenstrich so that he could examine us and prescribe to each one the type of water that suits us best. The Swanns have been prescribed the hot mineral water that flows from the main fountain of the resort, a geyser surrounded by a small circular pond called “der Sprudel”, located in the center of the place. On the other hand, I have been prescribed water from a natural spring on top of a rock that has to be climbed. When I protested, the doctor showed me a gun that he keeps in a drawer. It’s high season and the spa is overflowing with people. At each fountain there is a lot of patients waiting in line to drink a sip. However, no one queues before the rock at the top of which there is the spring whose water I must drink. I have informed myself surreptitiously and I have learned that this spring is a recent discovery that must be tested before giving sanitary approval. That is, I am being used as a guinea pig. I have protested again to Dr. Hoenstrich and he has shown me the gun again. Then I’ve gone to buy a climbing equipment. Gilberte has accompanied me to the foot of the cliff and then she has gone shopping with her parents. I had to open a climbing route, and as I was its first climber, I had the right to choose a name for it. I have engraved the name on the stone: Route Gilberte.

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