Due to the fact that our respective spa treatments don’t match, Gilberte and I have barely time to see each other. That’s why I’ve invited her to accompany me to one of my continuous rock-climbings. The idea has excited her since it allows her to leave the monotony of the long queues in front of the geysher. First I have instructed her conveniently about the most effective procedure for climbing a rock wall, which is basically to scale. Any other system of displacement, such as creeping, walking, swimming, jumping, crawling … is useless for perching on top of a rock wall. (Incidentally, this information can also be useful to the reader). However, she has found a novel procedure consisting of putting all her weight on the back of someone who is the one who scales. With this original climbing method, I have reached the top of the rock breathless. It has taken me some time for the pupils of my eyes to stop orbiting and for my brain to coordinate ideas again, time that has been used by Gilberte to analyze, with the help of her portable chemical kit, the composition of the green-yellow-violet water that comes out of the spring from which I draw the water I drink. By the time I revived, she already had the results of the analysis, according to which the water I drink has a high content of natural radioactivity that emanates from the rock that the spring goes through. This circumstance makes the water not only “non-potable” but directly “poisonous”, a feature that is not the most recommended for drinking water according to a fairly widespread opinion among the medical profession.

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