Last night another piano jumped off the balcony, this time with pianist and everything. Luckily, this time there were no victims to mourn since the pianist had notions of gliding. The hotel detective, who I’ve been talking to this morning, considers that the detail of the pianist could be a key piece to solve the enigma of suicidal pianos. In fact, he does not think it’s suicide. It should be noted that the Grandhotel has introduced recently a new service consisting of including with each suite’s grand piano a professional pianist, whose mission is to provide guests with continuous environmental music fit for accompany each specific situation that takes place in the suite. Complaints have already been received from some guests who do not appreciate the zeal with which these pianists fulfill their mission. And it’s not outside the realm of possibility that throwing the piano off the balcony would be a way of expressing discontent. This hypothesis, however, couldn’t be corroborated by the pianist involved in the fall because, according to his statement, he was so absorbed in the performance of the Intermezzo from “Cavalleria Rusticana” that he did not notice anything until he found himself in the air.

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