Today a surprising thing happened. It’s not like to be proud of it, of course, but the fact is that whereas Jesus Christ could restore sight to the blind, it turns out that I am capable of performing the reverse miracle. But, let us start at the beginning. This morning, Dr. Hoenstrich’s two gorillas of assistants have shown up in my room without an appointment and have required me to accompany them to the doctor’s laboratory for a routine checkup. I replicated that this was no way to ask for things, and they immediately got the message and slapped me until I was semi unconscious. Then they dragged me to a subterranean room paradoxically located on the attic. There Dr. Hoenstrich was waiting for me in the company of two high-ranking Austro-Hungarian officers who were caressing each other’s mustache. Dr. Hoenstrich asked me rudely to take off my clothes from the waist up. Bent on inculcating a little of good manners in those brutes, I refused categorically unless I was asked properly. Once again, my request was attended to immediately and they ripped my shirt off in shreds. Dr. Hoenstrich gave an order in German to his assistants and they returned shortly after in the company of a man who, in contrast to those present, behaved with the politesse of the Palace of Versailles’ chief of protocol at the time of Louis XIV. He addressed me kindly introducing himself as Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen. I had heard about him because from a few years ago his name appeared frequently in the press as the discoverer of some rays that, in a display of imagination, had been called “X”. Conveniently channeled through a machine of his invention, those rays allowed to view the inside of the human body. To show me that there was no danger, first he subjected to the effects of his invention his own hand by putting it behind a dark screen. And when he flipped the switch, I could see stunned the ghostly interior of his hand, which turned out to be full of little bones. Then he asked me kindly to embrace that very screen “as if it were someone very dear to me”. Immediately I thought of Gilberte and pressed my chest against “her”. And it was at that precise moment when the “reverse miracle” to which I referred earlier occurred: A light of enormous intensity pierced the screen, blinding all those who were watching it.

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