Episode 50: “SQUATTEDMAN”

The long convalescence that the recovery of the serious wounds that I pretended to have suffered had implied, gave me time to reflect on what my life had been until then. A life of boredom, leisure and vain occupations in which I was the only object of my thoughts. A wasted life. Providence had now put within my reach a means of amending me. And I wasn’t going to miss it. I was going to devote my super powers to helping people, especially those who couldn’t help themselves. Of course, I should get used to leading a double life. My public figure as a member of the high society with a samurai ancestor should be left out of my benefactor task. For this I needed a disguise with which I could not be recognized. Like a penguin disguise. Or a crow disguise. Or a pelican…! I don’t know why I always wanted to have a beak. It seemed to me more elegant than that simple slit we call a mouth. After all, flying beings usually have a beak, and I now had the ability to fly. In addition, the fetal posture that required the exercise of my super powers was at odds with a human-looking disguise. A superman with the appearance of being permanently constipated would not arouse fear in the wicked nor confidence in the oppressed. On the contrary, a bird-like superman would arouse admiration wherever he passed. Or not? It could also make you laugh or cry or grind your teeth. In addition, you can’t fight the wicked in a pelican costume. The exercise of super powers requires freedom of movement. And then I had that brilliant idea: What better disguise than nakedness? After all, fetuses go naked. What other disguise could give me greater freedom of movement? Maybe the groundhog? Groundhogs are very agile. But a flying groundhog? No, I already seem to be hearing laughter. I was determined: I would disguise myself as a buck-naked guy. But the adventures of the “Squattedman” are yet to come and, therefore, to write.

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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