In millionaire P. P. Pittingball’s mansion reigns despair and grinding of teeth. After his American Caramel’s baseball card collection, the stolen jewel was his most precious possession. It was not the material value but the sentimental one. That jewel had been the first thing he bought with the money provided by the abusive rents of his tenements. That’s why he offered a reward of one hundred thousand dollars and a Jeff Sweeney’s card to whoever returned the diamond.

Sakarty read the news about the reward in the newspapers. But he was not willing to get rid of the jewel, because for him it was also a sentimental issue: he was in love with the diamond. For his buddy Gerhard, that robbery had been just a matter of money. For Sakarty it was like running away with the girl of his dreams. In fact, he was planning to marry her as soon as the government legalized the marriage between a human being and a mineral.

Meanwhile, the mayor’s office was under pressure. P. P. Pittingball had hired all the Jewish mourners in the city to go whining in front of the mayor’s office and also in front of his house. Pittingball himself would call the mayor every now and then to whine in person. The mayor could no longer withstand that pressure, so he offered a supplementary reward of fifty cents in exchange for any clue that led to the recovery of the precious jewel.

The police searched all the poulterers in New York in search of the jewel. The Commissioner of the Police Department got it into his head (he didn’t know why) that the thief had to be either a poulterer’s owner or a poultry. Instead, Squattedman was convinced that the guilty must be a jewels thief. That is why one night he sneaked into the police headquarters to examine the records of all the jewels thieves who had acted in the city in the last two years. He discarded them one by one, until only Sakarty remained (The others could not be guilty because they were all dead or in jail or at his mother’s house.)

One night, while Sakarty slept next to the Pittingball diamond, his dog’s barking woke him up. Quickly he took his gun and went out to the porch with the gun at the ready. He didn’t see anyone but in fact there was someone right in front of him, only that he was squatting. He knew it when he received a punch from below in the middle of his jaw.

That morning, when the mayor left home to go to work, he stumbled upon Sakarty on the landing. He was tied hand and foot and next to him shone the valuable diamond covered in a strange slime. A note attached to the door indicated where the reward money should be deposited: in the current account of Sisters of Charity of New York. Mr. Pittingball could keep Jeff Sweeney’s card.

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