The Dead Rabbits gang continued to plot misdeeds from their Five Points hideout. Bobblehead handled maps, triangles and compasses and talked about taking over Britain. When his lieutenant Scatterbrained laughed at that, Bobblehead knotted his trachea with the sole force of his hands. It was a sailor knot and they had to take him to the port to find someone who knew how to undo it. He achieved it, but now Scatterbrained has the face reversed, so he is always looking back, which has turned out to be very useful to the gang because he is always covering their backs. 

Tonight, Bobblehead plans to give two fingers to the West Side and Yonkers Patent Railway as the elevated train passes through Cortlandt Street. He says that, with any luck, that will cause the train to derail. Harry “Moronic” laughed at that and now there are two who cover the gang’s backs.

They should have drawn the lesson that there is someone who does not lose sight of them! Indeed, Squattedman is watching at them from the top of a telegraph pole in his usual crouched position. The “el” is running at a rate of five miles an hour and there is no time for the driver to stop it before Bobblehead makes a V-sign at the train and the company it represents. Especially considering that the driver is playing at being a fish and pours water into his coveralls and then wiggles till the water flow out the trouser legs. 

Luckily, before Bobblehead can put his Machiavellian plan into practice, Squattedman rushes to save the “el” from derailing. He lifts it up, carries it through the air and deposited it safely in a swampy area of New Jersey. All passengers escape unscathed, but the train ends up sinking in the mud and the company files a claim for damages.
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