Although Squattedman has embarked on a crusade against political corruption embodied in Tammany Hall and the man in the cow mask, common crime does not rest. Squattedman is there to face it. So he sticks the ear to the ground and intercepts a warning to the police: in Hell’s Kitchen, the gang of the Gophers just stole the pavement from the streets. Quickly, he takes his clothes off and, through the usual procedure, he shoots off towards that dangerous area of the city. There, a crowd receives him with hostility and the rest of the neighborhood with violence: a shower of rubble falls on him from the windows. By midmorning, a mountain of rubble covers him completely, and in the afternoon the mountain has already become Mount Everest. When, according to his calculations, all stolen pavement accumulates on him, Squattedman emerges from the bottom of the rubble mountain and, before it gets dark, he has paved the streets again and he has still enough rubble left to pave the nose-bridge of each of the five hundred Gophers. 

Another day, gains bold front-page headlines in the newspapers the news that some unscrupulous people have changed around all the street name signs of Lower Manhattan, which has generated great chaos in the city. The mayor promise to mobilize the army to arrange the streets signage but, shortly after, he is kidnapped by the same unscrupulous people (or some scrupulous people linked by marriage with the same unscrupulous people) who exchange him for the mayor of Cleveland. 

Neatly dressed as the dandy he really is, Squattedman goes to explore Five Points in search of some anomaly, and discovers that there is no trace of the Dead Rabbits. Instead, the neighborhood is full of foreigners swaying their hips to the sound of maracas. 

Tired of hearing maracas day and night, the original inhabitants of the area inform Squattedman that the neighborhood has been taken by a Cleveland gang that has exchanged itself for the Dead Rabbits. 

Regardless of the crowd initial scandal, immediately Squattedman takes off his clothes and adopts the fetal position of the superhero, making a whirlwind raid that culminates in the arrest of the gang leader, a renegade rumba teacher. Politely, Squattedman urges him to return to Cleveland with his entire gang. But given his refusal, our hero is forced to speak sign language, in which he is an expert. Fortunately, this language is understood instantly by the rumba teacher, who starts running all the way to Cleveland with astonishing speed followed by all his cronies to the beat of maracas.

Now it’s time for Squattedman to spend some time trying to unmask the man of the cow mask!

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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