In Squattedman’s apartment, the fop is sitting in a chair while our hero, in street clothes, paces up and down in the room.

“Who is that dwarf you talked about on the ship? And why are you all so interested in finding him? ”

“The dwarf is the key to the whole thing. Actually without him there would be no thing at all, because he knows all the branches of the tree. In fact, he is the root. Or, as Plato would say, the originating cause of the effect caused. There is a Hindu parable that exemplifies it perfectly. Two men go in a boat. Suddenly one of them throws himself into the water for no apparent reason, but the other immediately understands that the time has come to take the sacred pin and darn his pants. Well, the man who throws himself into the water is the dwarf. Without him, the other would never have thought of darning his pants, even though they have a hole the size of the city of Bombay. ”

“Shut up! I withdraw the question!”

Squattedman roams the room thoughtfully. Suddenly he turns to the man in the chair:

“At the beginning you talked about a ‘whole thing’… I guess if I ask you what this ‘whole thing’ is about, you will give up a screed like the one before, right?”

“A screed? I do not give up screeds. I make speeches. I am a learned person.”

“Okay, okay. What is this ‘whole thing’ about? ”

“The whole thing…”

At that moment, an arrow that penetrates through the window sticks in the fop’s chest who dies instantly. Squattedman quickly spins around to look at the window and sees outside a dwarf lying flat and holding a bow, with a quiver behind his back. He runs to the window and looks out. The dwarf is dressed in a staple white clothing (a kind of toga) and floats in the air thanks to a pair of small wings attached to his back that do not stop flapping. “I am Cupid”, he says, and flies away at high speed. Squattedman immediately takes off his clothes, squats and, after the blast, shoots off behind the dwarf. In the aerial pursuit that follows, the dwarf displays great agility, constantly dodging Squattedman, who ends up losing his track.

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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