After reading aloud this phrase in the “Zohar”, the young Mordekai of Lublin takes to the streets to play with the other boys, leaving the wise men of Chelm discussing its meaning.

“The meaning is obvious” Elijah says, “I guess there is nothing more to say.”

“Oh yeah? What head does it mean?” Dudel asks.

“The head which is incomprehensible, without a doubt.”

“Then, it must refer to your head.”

“To yours!”

Elijah and Dudel engage in a fight and roll across the floor. Evrom stares at them a long time. Until suddenly his whole face lights up and, pointing to the fighters, he proclaims: “There it is!”

“Which thing?”

 “The meaning!”

“The meaning is a fight?”, another of the wise men asks skeptically.

“A fight inside a head!” Evrom clarifies. 

“But why do they fight?”

“That’s the ‘secret in secret’” Evrom stresses. And then adds: “Elijah was right: the meaning is obvious and there is nothing to say. Let’s move on to the next sentence.” And turning to Dovid who is sitting by the window: “Dovid, call Mordekai, quickly!”

All of a sudden, Chatzkel gets up from the chair and, raising his arms to the ceiling, exclaims: “How much wisdom is contained in the Kabbalah!”

Dovid looks out the window and shouts: “Mordekai!”. And he comes running.

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