There is a long silence after Mordekai has read this phrase and run out to the street. Eventually, Elijah take the floor:

“It seems to me that this phrase is reversed.”

“What do you mean?”, Evron asks.

“It should say ‘As below, so above’ and not ‘As above, so below’.”

“Are you gonna find fault with the Kabbalah?”

“Actually both sentences are right. It all depends on the point of view, that is whether you are up or down.”

“What if it catches you in the middle?”, Feivel blurts out.

It is Dudel who answers: “Then you’ve got a big problem and you will not find where to relief yourself. Last February, Avrom Zangwill left his house in the middle of a storm, but halfway to his brother’s house he was paralyzed. Lightning had struck him and he could not move forward or backward! And he had a full bladder!”

“And what did he do?”

“Well, you can imagine it. When the lightning effect passed, it was already too late. That’s why it’s convenient to always have a potty at hand.”

And he pulls a potty from under his chair.

There is a silence, after which Evron addresses Dudel:

“Tell me, Dudel: Do you think this interpretation is typical of a wise man?”

“Wise men also pee”, Chatzkel reminds.

But Evron answers back: “I’ll bet kabbalists were not thinking about bladders and potties when they wrote this phrase. They had something much deeper in mind.”

“One doesn’t feel like thinking deeply when the bladder is full!”, Dudel sentences.

Murmurs of approval rise.

“I think Dudel’s interpretation is correct”, Fischel says.

“I agree”, someone adds. 

But Elijah differs: “This interpretation seems typical of a shmendrik (idiot).”

“Are you calling me a shmendrik?”

Dudel and Elijah pounce on each other and roll on the ground in a fight.

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