The wise men of Chelm are gathered in the town hall considering the convenience of building a staircase so that they can climb to the upper floor, when a little boy bursts in shouting: “The Grand Rabbi asks who has the key! He needs the key urgently”. And that said, he leaves without stopping for a moment. 

“What was that?”, one of the elders whispers.

“A message from the rabbi. Apparently he needs a key.” 

“A key? What key? Didn’t we give him the key to his house, the key to the synagogue and the key to the Beit Midrash? What other key does he need?”

“The key to Wisdom!”, Evron declares suddenly with his face lighted up. 

“Wisdom? Where is that place? On the outskirts?”

“On the Kabbalah!”, Evron states, and asks Elijah to go home to look for the Zohar immediately.

A while later, the elders in procession enter the synagogue, where they find the Grand Rabbi with his head tucked into a pile of hay while a man is asking him why does Torah prohibit eating pork.

“Rabbi Tzvi!”, Evron calls him.

From inside the hay, rabbi’s voice araises: “Leave me alone! Don’t you see that I’m busy!” 

“But Rabbi, no…” 

“Pigs cannot be eaten because they are indigestible! That’s why! Now leave if you don’t want to be excommunicated!” 

The man leaves and the rabbi pulls his head out of the pile of hay but, when he sees the wise men, he lets out a yell and comes back in the hay again.”

“But Rabbi Tzvi, we are here because of the key.” 

Upon hearing this, the rabbi immediately takes the head off the hay: “Have you found it?” 

Evron grabs the Zohar that Elijah brings under his arm and hands it to the Grand Rabbi saying solemnly: “Here you have.”

Upon seeing the book, the rabbi lets out another yell and puts his head back into the hay.

“I cannot understand why this man doesn’t catch a hay-fever!”, Elijah exclaims.

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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