Have any of you, readers, had the feeling that what you were witnessing with your own eyes simply could not be? Have any of you seen, say, a non-cartoon seal dancing twist with a cane? Or a rain whose drops go up instead of down? Or a native of a lost tribe of the Amazon who spontaneously starts singing “Danny Boy” or some other Irish ballad? Yes? Well, then it will be easy for you to get an idea of the feeling of disbelief that overwhelms the wise men of Chelm as soon as they see the golem in motion. (Allow me, however, to advise you to visit a specialist.)

Instead, the Grand Rabbi Tzvi does not seem particularly incredulous about it. Especially after the golem has given him an affectionate pat on the back that has slammed him against the wall and a lever has been needed to free him. Surprisingly, the rabbi emerges unscathed but leaves all his teeth embedded in the wall, which does not prevent him from laughing out loud celebrating his feat of giving life to the golem. 

“But what else can the golem do besides extracting your teeth?”, Feivel asks the rabbi bubbling over with curiosity. The naivety of the question unleashes again the hilarity of the Grand Rabbi whose jaws become disjointed due to his toothless mouth. The lower jaw is disengaged and the lip jumps upward hanging from his hooked nose. Now the face of the rabbi and that of the Golem are similar in terms of lack of features. Seeing in the rabbi an individual of its same species, the golem squeezes him affectionately in his arms until the Grand Rabbi Tzvi Krochmal Rapoport of Lizhensk becomes something like a carpet beater. All this is witnessed, very much against their will, by the wise men of Chelm, who would rather run through the front door of the Beit Midrash but a force superior to them called panic prevents it.

“I see”, says Feivel, thus allowing that his naif question has been amply answered. 

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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