“Stop!” Evron orders. “We have enough matter with this phrase.”

The Golem obeys immediately and is paralyzed with the open book in his hands. The wise men of Chelm do not take his eyes off him, who seems to have disconnected from everything around him. 

“It’s really odd”, Feivel says.

“Well (Evron states), all Zohar quotes are odd. That’s the reason why we are here: to decipher them.” 

“I mean the Golem. When you have said ‘stop’ he has become petrified.”

“And what did you expect? That he would cut and run like the previous reader? This is not Mordekai! (Zal er hobn a zis toyt; a fur mit tsuker zol im loyfn: ‘May he have a sweet death; a truck filled with sugar should run him over’) This is a Golem! He obeys everything you order. It’s his nature.”

“Can I do a test?”, Elijah asks. 

“Neyn. We’re here to analyze the Kabbalah, not the Golem.” 

“The Kabbalah’s quote doesn’t have much mystery. It means that clothes are made with stories, but we must penetrate below.”

“You’ve just repeated the quotation word for word. That’s not an interpretation.” 

“It is not my fault if the quotation comes with the built-in interpretation!”

“What if the Golem has given us the interpretation instead of just reading the quotation?”, Dovid points out.

“Exactly what we needed: a know-it-all Golem!”, Dudel exclaims.

“The Golem can’t reason”, Evron insists. “He just fulfill orders.”

“How do you know he cannot reason?”, Elijah asks. “Have you tested?”

“Akei, akei, you win!”, Evron gives up. “Ask him whatever you want!” 

“Tell us, Golem”, Elijah says: “What is the reason that we men cannot fly?”

The Golem immediately regains consciousness and rushes to answer: “You can’t?”

Elijah lets out a loud laugh and exclaims: “Do you see?! He cannot reason at all! He’s a shmendrik! (a fool)”

“But he has not responded”, Feivel notes, “He has simply made a question.”

“A question that implies a statement”, Elizah points out.

“An erroneous statement”, Chatzkel rushes to add.

“Well, let’s give him at least the opportunity to argue it”, Fishel says.

“Now we’re going to laugh really!”, Elijah exclaims amused. And turning to the Golem: “Hey, Mister Golem, it seems that you doubt that men cannot fly. Show us a flying man, will you?” 

Moments later, some women who are on their way to the synagogue see a man flying high above their heads. 

“Look! Isn’t that Elijah Sutzkever?!”

“Vert mir Got!” ( Oh, my God!)

This is a non-profit blog whose purpose is to raise funds for children in need. So if you want to make a donation in exchange for this story, click on this link to UNICEF. I really appreciate it!

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