Dovid breaks in the town hall and bumps into Evron, who rushes to ask him with expression of concern:

“How’s the Grand Rabbi doing?”

“Still dead. I wouldn’t bet on it.”

“But he was a miracle worker!”

“I guess even to work miracles you need to be alive. Or at least, not be dead.”

“Then, we have a serious problem.”

“What do you mean?”

“We have a monster locked in the Beit Midrash! And there is no one with enough knowledge to control it!”

“Do you mean the Golem?”

“No, I mean my sister-in-law Henye. Of course I mean the Golem! How many monsters do we have locked in the Beit Midrash?!” 

“I think it’s no big deal. We Jews have always had problems and in the end we have always gotten ahead.”

“You go tell Rabbi Tzvi. That will comfort him a lot.”

Dovid goes to the door: “I’ll tell him but …”

“Forget it. I was being ironic.” 

And after a long reflective silence, Evron suddenly asks:

“Do you think he can hear us?”

“As I said, I wouldn’t bet on it.”

“Neyn! I don’t mean the Grand Rabbi! I mean the Golem!”

“Well, he doesn’t have eyes but apparently that doesn’t stop him from seeing. So I bet he can also hear even if he lacks ears.”

“Then, we better talk to him and make things clear.”

“And what are you gonna tell him?”

“That he can’t go around killing people.”

“It was not his intention to kill the Grand Rabbi. You’ve seen it. He just wanted to give him a hug.”

“In that case, I”ll tell him that he can’t go around hugging people. He must keep his distance and don’t allow himself familiarities.”

“Maybe we should also teach him to control his strength.”

“Akei. Gather the others and let’s go talk to him.”

Shortly thereafter, at the Beit Midrash, the wise men of Chelm are sitting in a semicircle around the Golem, who remains standing. Evron takes the floor: 

“Golem! Can you hear me?”

A cavernous voice springs from inside the Golem: “Yeah”

“All right, Golem. We are the rulers of this community, you know? So, now that you have become part of it, you must obey us in everything we tell you. Fershtay? (Do you understand?)”

“Golem is made to obey. Rabbi Ba’al Shem created Golem for that only purpose. You order Golem anything. Defend the people of Israel, defeat their enemies, crush an army of three hundred thousand men … Golem will obey.”

“Hum. You see, Golem… it turns out that we are students of Kabbalah.”

“Golem can destroy Kabbalah too. You order and Golem …”

“Neyn, neyn! We currently don’t need a champion. What we need right now is a reader. Tell us, Golem, can you read?”

“Golem reads. Rabbi Ba’al Shem teached him.”

People who pass by the synagogue suddenly hear a joy exclamation coming from the Beit Midrash: 


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