Michael Schlimazl and Jacob Schlemihl were dozing with their feet on the desk when the doorbell rang announcing a new client. Jacob rushed to open and almost fainted because of the impression. There, in front of him, was a creature that vaguely remembered a unicorn. Except that instead of a horse, it was a man. And instead of an ivory horn, he had a carrot in the middle of his forehead. When Leo Spitz told them how that carrot had arrived there, Michael and Jacob knew that they had to face the devil again. Leo Spitz had tried everything to get rid of that damned carrot, but it was invincible. It was a devilish carrot! And Michael knew that the only way to get rid of it was to get rid of the devil who had infused it with that power: the power to cling to Leo Spitz’s forehead in an indelible way.

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