One night Holmes and I could not sleep a wink because of a guy dressed as a Scotsman who played the bagpipes right in front 221B Baker Street. Our housekeeper, Mrs. Hudson, went out to see what the hell that guy wanted. It turned out that he was the same individual who had come in the morning requesting the help of Sherlock Holmes to find his pet, a fox terrier named Fritzi. The man was offended because Holmes had rejected the case on the grounds that that was not his usual line of work. However, at the insistence of Mrs. Hudson, who wished to sleep peacefully, Holmes had no choice but to grant the piper an interview.
“Mr. Holmes, by rejecting the case so quickly, I had no opportunity to tell you that Fritzi is not an ordinary dog.”
“What can be extraordinary about a fox terrier?”
“That he is a telegrapher.”
“I beg your pardon?”
“Yes, yes, you heard it right. He knows the Morse code by heart and is capable of transmitting messages by sending out barks of long and short duration at certain intervals, a method equivalent to the traditional ‘point and line’.”
The news left Holmes speechless. It was as if they had just notified him that a rabbit was able to play Mozart on piano.


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