The most romantic film ever is “The Most Romantic Film Ever”, by the Hollywood director W. W. Chailowsky. Filmed in 1936, it deals with a jealous husband who suddenly realizes one day that he is not married. In fact, not only is he not married but he has never exchanged more than two words with a woman, and almost always those two words have been followed by a smack on his cheek. So he frantically searches for a wife before someone takes a look at the New York Vital Records and spreads the word that he is not married. Then he find out how practical it is that in certain cultures single women are required to wear some eye-catching clothing accessory such as a red turban, or to carry a huge vase with yellow and blue flowers whenever they take to the streets. Finally he turns to the Brooklyn Daily Eagle’s classified section. By this procedure he meets Marcia L. Rockefeller, a young, beautiful and wealthy heiress, whom he marries.

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