There is a Mr. Goldwyn. There is a Mr. Mayer. But we lack a Mr. Metro. On the other hand, we have a Mr. Loew. It was this Mr. Loew who was the origin of all the mess. Because Mr. Loew had a lot of theaters (he was a compulsive theater buyer). And for some mysterious reason, these theaters were filled with audiences every evening. And this audiences had the odd aspiration that something would happen on stage. (Here is the problem compulsive shoppers face: that they don’t know what to do with their purchases.) Because of this, Mr. Loew was forced to find something to occupy his theater stages with. He tested several ideas, but the audiences were difficult to please. First he tried with giant Russian Nesting Dolls. Then, with a gigantic fish that was exhibited from theater to theater every evening … After several consecutive failures, he met Mr. Goldwyn who offered to fill his theater stages with a thing called ‘films ‘or‘ movies’. To his surprise, this time the audiences reaction was favorable. But Mr. Loew had too many theaters and Mr. Goldwyn did not have enough movies. Fortunately Mr. Loew was approached by Mr. Mayer, who offered him a large pile of films that he had been shooting. And this is how MGM was established.

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